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We are distributors, integrators, suppliers & consultants for:

  • Wheatstone  IP & TDM Surface & Router Consoles
  • Audioarts Analog, IP & Digital Consoles
  • Vorsis-Wheatstone Air Chain & Studio Processors
  • PROracks Rack Computers for Automation, Streaming & Logging
  • DJB Radio "ZONE" Automation, Logging, Radio Spider, Button Box
  • Button Broadcaster PRO Internet Radio Automation, Streaming
  • Radio Spider-v3 FTP Auto Download software
  • Tieline - Wheatnet IP audio Over IP codecs& phone interfaces
  • VOXPro Phone Bit Recorder Editor
  • Turnkey Studio design, supply with On Site Integration & Install

With over 50 years of experience in the radio industry, our knowledge and experience can bring your stations into the future of radio broadcasting. Please let us know how we can help you!


Hello Broadcasters in Western Canada

WABE 2017 Convention

Nov 5 - 7  2017
Delta South Edmonton Conference Centre

  Ron Paley Darrin Paley
Ted Paley

"Our Hottest Products in Full Display"

Wheatstone - Audioarts - VoxPro - StudioHub - Tieline- Studio

ip Consoles - Processing - ip Routers - Stereo Generator

Digital JukeBox - DJB Radio
DJB Radio 
"ZONE" Radio Automation
Wheatstone ip Consoles -See and demo the LXE at WABE
DJB Button Broadcaster PRO - Radio Automation on a Budget
Wheatstone Processing - New Air Aura
DJB RadioSpider-v3   NAB2013 Cool Stuff Award Winner

WebStream Logger - NAB2014 Award Winner

iBroadcaster 4 PC iTunes - NAB2017 Award Winner

PROracks Rack Mount Computers

Exhibit Hours:

Sunday: noon till 5:00 pm
Monday: noon
till 6:00pm
Tuesday 9:00 am to noon

Please call us
to set up your demo
Wheatstone ip - DJB Radio Demo
at the show
1-866-460-3119 x 101


Ron Paley Broadcast
Demo's Available with Wheatstone

Call Ted for your appointment 866-460-3119

Wheatstone - Audioarts - Vorsis
DJB Radio Automation


 Showcase Preview

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