Turnkey Project 2004:
KCIX-FM | Waterloo, Ontario | Larche Communications
Turnkey Studio & Transmitter | HP Services | Ron Paley Broadcast
Wheatstone Digital Consoles - iMediaTouch Automation

Air Studio - KICX-FM iMediaTouch Digital System with Wheatstone D16 Air Console

KICX-FM Voice Track Room

KICX-FM Production Room KICX-FM PD's iMediaTouch Desktop
Voice Track Room Production Room PD's iMediaTouch Desktop

HP Services
Gary Hooper
Trevor Morrow
Ted Clarke
Garrison Hooper
Facility Technical Design
Facility Studio Acoustics
Studios – Transmitter Site

Larche Communications
Paul Larche, President
Glen Prins, Chief Engineer

Ron Paley Broadcast
Ron Paley - Broadcast Consultant
iMediaTouch Automation
iMediaTouch Logger
iMediaTouch Production
On Site Commissioning - Ron Taylor
Wheatstone Consoles
Audio and Studio Peripherals