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ASI-5780 with BOB1038

USD $2,795

PCI Express, 1 record, 8/16 play/8 out, Analog ONLY,PCM

The ASI5780 is a professional Low Profile PCI-Express sound cards designed for use in the installed sound, entertainment and broadcast markets.

Providing up to 24 play streams that are mixed to 8 balanced stereo outputs and 1 record stream fed from 1 balanced stereo input, the ASI5780 features AudioScience’s unique “anything to anywhere” mixing and routing.

The ASI5780 provides balanced analog inputs and outputs. The maximum analog input and output level is +24dBu.

Uncompressed PCM, in a choice of precision is available for both recording and playback.

For surround sound applications, SSX2 mode allows multichannel streams of up to 8 channels to be played, recorded and mixed.

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The BOB1038 is a breakout box for AudioScience sound cards. It can be operated as either an analog breakout or
AES/EBU digital breakout.
All I/O is balanced on 3.81mm terminal block connectors. Connections to the audio adapter are via a 68pin VHDCI
SCSI type connector for both analog and AES/EBU.
The BOB1038 is 1RU; 19” W x 5.5” D x 1.75” H (482.6mm W x 139.7mm D x 44.5mm H).
AudioScience cards that are supported include the ASI5500/5600, ASI6500/6600, ASI5700/6700 series.
The BOB1038 ships with 2 CBL4001 cables for connecting to the ASI5700/ASI6700 series of cards

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