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Button Broadcaster Pro

USD $495

Internet Radio at it’s finest!

It’s The Perfect Internet Radio Broadcasting Software – And We’ve Made It Better!

Sure, it’s had a program scheduler and a waveform editor built in for quite some time. But all we ever heard was, “If it only had Voice Tracking it would be perfect!”

So we added Voice Tracking! NOW it’s the PERFECT Internet radio broadcasting software.

DJB Radio’s Button Broadcaster Pro is designed to save you money.

Many radio automation programs are built by hobbyists.  They can be a little “resource intensive” because the code is not that efficient.  As a result, they need more computer power to get the job done.  At DJB Radio, we’ve been involved with radio automation since computers ran on DOS. Our code runs very well without many resources. As a result, you can use an affordable computer.

Most internet radio broadcasting Equipment Lists include an expensive item: a Console or Mixing Board.  The computer audio output plugs into one channel, your microphone goes in another. At a radio station, they might also have satellite feeds, multiple microphones, CD Players or even Turntables plugged into the other channels on the Board. But you don’t need that.

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