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Comrex STAC-6

CAD $4,578

Studio Telephone Access Center (STAC) puts you in control of your talk shows, call-ins and phoners with great sound, ease of operation and scalable configuration.

The STAC 6 includes the Mainframe, software, and one 6 line control surface.

STAC incorporates a pair of Comrex high-performance digital hybrids with automatic audio level control. The result is the most natural sounding telephone audio, even when conferencing multiple callers. A compact, rack-mounting mainframe houses the hybrids, the multiline controller and all telephone and audio connections.

The attractive, ergonomic control surfaces offer two operational modes, selectable with a flip of a switch:
• Studio/Producer Mode provides both pre-air and on-air caller management.
• Screener Mode simplifies the task of screening and queuing callers.

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