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USD $525

Single Station “Idea Bank” License – For one FM or HD Station ONLY, includes one year support.

CSRDS captures play line data from your automation system, promotional material from our powerful
CSScheduler module and captures your local weather forecast with our CSWeather module and sends
that data to your RDS Encoder, HD Radio system, Web Site and Internet all at the same time.

More info: Please visit:

Center Stage Live includes a complete scheduling module for promo’s, cross promos, contest, updates
and includes a special “CART Triggered” feature to display specific messages when a cart is played.

Key Features of CS-Center Stage LIVE are:

• Multiple automation system support via Serial, IP or disk file
• Cart Triggered messages
• Print or extract affidavit information
• Station Branding
• Automatic Weather Updates
• Normalized Text formatting option
• Play list history for web or intranet
• Capture data via COM, IP or disk file
• End Music message for Web Site
• Schedule messages by date, day of week and day part from your desktop
• Update with existing Newsroom software or other applications
• Multiple PTY codes by day part
• Desktop Viewer to monitor RDS text
• Sponsor Identification
• “COM Port Aware” feature allows multiple feeds to the same encoder
• Supports Radio Text and DPS
• Multiple stations from a single PC
• Update web pages with Now Playing data

• Ask about remote access and the new Sportscaster module

In addition to CSRDS, Center Stage Live includes several other features designed specifically for broadcasters. This Includes:
•On Line Song Request
• Electronic (Fault) reporting
• Schedule Live copy to your control room or web site
• Weather alerts
• Multi-Day Log View/Print
• Contact Lists
• Automated XML updates for web sites
• Show Prep with password protection
• User defined prompters or Pop-Up windows for live copy
• Internet “hot Links”
• IP to Serial / Serial to IP converter
• Reporting for NPR stations that play CD’s and Digital Audio on automation systemsLearn More…