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Disconnect Gizmo by Angry Audio

USD $79

The new Headphone Disconnector Gizmo mounts into your studio furniture for an elegant streamlined appearance. Installation is fast and easy with nothing more than a hole-saw and a screwdriver. The Disconnector Gizmo includes both 6.3mm and 3.5mm adapter types. It even includes a TRS unbalanced cable to go between your headphone jack and the rear of the Disconnector Gizmo.

Magnetic safety release connector plate with headphone jack. Mounts easily in your countertop for a polished look. Includes a 3.5mm mating jack and a six foot stereo extension cable.

Insert it between your equipment and your headphone cable. The exclusive magnetic coupled connector is designed to release gracefully when force is applied to the cable. This prevents damage to your headphones, cables and equipment. It might even prevent injury.

The magnets have been carefully engineered for the optimum holding strength. Strong enough to stay together during normal use. But weak enough to come apart quickly in the event of excessive force. Additionally, the magnets are oriented so that the connector cannot be plugged in backwards.