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USD $595

Turns iTunes® into a Radio Station!

iBroadcaster gives your On Air talent a real “radio station” feel, but lets you manage your music library in the familiar iTunes® interface. Your iTunes® genres become the Tab categories in iBroadcaster. You can run both iBroadcaster and iTunes® at the same time. Your changes in iTunes® are instantly reflected on the iBroadcaster On Air screen.

Works just like Button Broadcaster Pro with HotKeys, built-in Template Scheduling for greater music control, the auto schedule playlist with auto segue, and more!


Just add a USB mic, your favorite headphones and set up the built-in streaming server. We’ve got auto-ducking on your mic input so your mix will always sound just the way you want. And our streaming setup makes it simple to connect to SECURENETShoutcastLive 365 or with to any internet broadcast streaming service with TCP/IP.

There is a built-in equalizer and processor so you can tailor your sound the way you want. iBroadcaster is also VST plugin compliant so you can add even more powerful audio processing.

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