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INO Mini 679

USD $1,100

FM/HD Radio™ Monitor/Receiver

The INOmini 679 is Inovonics’ third-generation, small form-factor FM and FM-band HD Radio broadcast monitor receiver. It receives both analog FM and digital HD1-HD8 radio channels for confidence monitoring and delivers a high-quality audio feed for rebroadcast or program distribution throughout the broadcast facility with adjustable analog and AES digital audio outputs.

FM RBDS and HD Radio PAD data may be called-up for display on the front-panel LCD screen.

Strictly for professional applications, the INOmini 679 purposely does not blend between the analog FM and HD1 simulcast like a consumer radio. Tuning and mode preferences are held in nonvolatile memory and all settings are restored following a power cycle.


– The INOmini 679 is a sensitive, DSP-based (SDR) radio that receives standard FM analog and FM/HD Radio broadcasts.
– Stays on-mode and on-channel through signal and power loss; does not blend between FM and HD.
– Easy front-panel setup uses jog-wheel menu navigation with a large LCD display. Accurate, hi-res
metering shows RF signal and audio levels, RBDS/PAD data and reception metrics. Critical system menus are hidden.
– Balanced analog and AES-digital program line outputs are available simultaneously; levels are independently adjustable.
– Flashing-red front-panel alarms and rear-panel ‘tallies’ indicate HD Reception Loss, Low Signal and Audio Loss.
– ‘Split Mode’ audio monitoring aids transmission diversity delay setup.
– The LCD displays RSSI, SNR, Cd/No, Multipath and HD Level metrics to help with receive antenna alignment.
– When issued, free firmware updates are easily installed in the field.

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