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VoxPro V7 (Software Only)

USD $2,436

The All in One Air Studio Production Tool Software

VoxPro is unique. Out of all the recorder/editors in the world, ONLY VoxPro integrates a dedicated ergonomic controller with purpose-created software designed expressly for use on-the-air to record, edit, and play clips in real time.
Wether you use it for call-ins, interviews, ad hoc comments or spots, or whatever you can think of, all you need is a few minutes with it to realize why it has become the universal standard.

VoxPro digital audio editing system is the de facto standard for live radio recording, editing and airing of clips in on-air control rooms and newsrooms worldwide. With it, clips can be recorded, edited and aired in moments.
For the user, VoxPro offers advanced features including:

  • Auto-Import
  • Auto-Record
  • EZ-Export
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • networked file access
  • customizable folders
  • VoxPro trademark VoiceSlip effect for handling host/caller talk-over.

For the engineering staff or system administrator:

  • VoxPro makes networking a snap
  • its flexibility and versatility allow it to be used in any physical or network configuration.
  • User accounts are managed by means of simple ASCII text files
  • User audio files are maintained in a standard Windows format.
  • Fast, reliable, and easy-to-learn
  • VoxPro software is most often used with the optional USB control panel
  • Users may create password protected folders for their own work
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Remote start
  • One-button insert record

The above are just a few of VoxPro’s more used features. 10 GB of hard drive storage holds about fifteen hours of stereo files.

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