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Wheatnet IP Navigator-3

USD $1,095



WheatNet-IP NAVIGATOR is optional software that is installed on a PC running Windows® XP.
It can be connected directly on the WheatNet-IP network or remotely over VPN.

While much of the basic configuration of WheatNet-IP can be done easily from a BLADE’s
front panel, WheatNet-IP NAVIGATOR offers a more convenient way to do comprehensive
system configuration, to enter source and destination names, perform other system setup
functions, program salvos and macros, and control audio paths (cross-points).

You can also control and monitor real-time levels.

When connected, WheatNet-IP NAVIGATOR continuously queries the network so that it’s always
showing the current configuration and status. You can even run up to four copies of WheatNet-IP
NAVIGATOR at the same time to monitor and control the system from multiple locations simultaneously.

Every hardware BLADE also includes a built-in web server, so you can use a standard web browser
to perform many of the functions of WheatNet-IP NAVIGATOR.

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