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WheatNet IP Single Channel PC AoIP Driver

USD $278


The WheatNet IP Audio Driver is PC software that streams audio bi-directionally via an Ethernet port, enabling any computer used for any purpose such as program automation, storage or logging to become part of the WheatNet-IP network. It will allow any Windows 7 or 10 device to send and receive audio packets as a member of the WheatNet‐IP system.


  • Windows-based WDM driver
  • Allows bi-directional streaming of pc audio directly to WheatNet IP matrix through a network port
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive sound card
  • Versions for both Windows XP & Windows 7 included
  • NOTE:  Automation System Computers using AoIP require dual NICS 
  • (1 x NIC dedicated to Wheatnet AoIP other NIC for station network)
  • WNIP-1 driver mixes through the Virtual Mixer in Wheatstone Blade Routers
  • Does not tie up a physical audio input or output in the Blade Router
  • With Digital JukeBox, wav, MP2, MP3, wma, m4a Itunes, ogg codecs fully supported

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