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Wheatstone GSX 1212

USD $24,570

Wheatstone GSX 1212

GSX brings all of Wheatstone’s innovations together into a ready-to-go console/control surface that can easily handle the fast-changing roles of modern broadcast studios. It’s a turnkey console that’s based on our LXE – the first completely customizable control surface for IP audio systems.
While it’s delivered fully configured and ready to fly, GSX is customizable. Virtually every knob, every button, every display can be programmed to accommodate virtually any application you come up with using our optional ConsoleBuilder™ software.
Additionally, features such as Automix, Layers, ScreenBuilder™, Smart Switch panels, and IP accessories can be added at any point to adapt your GSX to your evolving needs.

Form Factors: – Wedge low profile (no meterbridge, surface pairs with separate HDMI monitor)

  • Countertop drop (flushmount)
  • Both choices can be split consoles connected via network in same room or different rooms/locations
  • Option: Fully Programmable / Configurable via ConsoleBuilder™ – Every button configurable via setup GUI; can be scriptable, or a variety of other functions
  • Every encoder/knob configurable from the setup GUI, Can be scripted (if X then Y) or assigned to other knob or encoder functions.
  • Fader is scriptable to control things via ACI like Utility mixer channels.
  • Multicolored fully programmable LED buttons throughout (blue, cyan, green, yellow, red, magenta) (talkback and cue are red only)
  • Full color OLED display on each channel configurable for contextual display
  • Built in Ethernet switch for plugging in accessories or other host panelsPureIP – connects directly to switch Four stereo Program bussesFour stereo Aux bussesFour mono or stereo Mix-Minus busses.

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