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Wheatstone IP-12

USD $11,837

Digital IP Radio Console Surface & ip88cb Blade

The Wheatstone IP12 embodies the feature set and flexibility you have come to expect for WNIP consoles in a cost effective package.  A great entry level surface, the IP-12 is the workhose of many radio stations across Cnada and the US.  Modular, familiar and robust, the IP-12 get the job done!

IP-12 Features:

  • 12 Fader IP-12 frame with
  • 12 IN-12 Input Module
  • 1 CR-12 Control Room Monitor Module
  • 1 SC-12 Studio Monitor Module
  • 1 SPS-A1 Power Supply
  • 1 IP-12 User Manua
  • 1 ip88cb Console Blade Mix Engine with 8 mono (4 stereo) analog line inputs, 2 Mic preamps (patchable to 2 analog line inputs),4 AES inputs, 4 AES outputs, 4 analog outputs, Cue and headphone outputs on RJ45 and 1/4” jack,Control room and studio monitor outputs on XLRs, 12 programmable logic ports
  • Additional Inputs and Outputs can added with ip88a, ip88d, ip88ad, ip88m, and ip88ve I/O Blades through gigabit ethernet network.

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