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Wheatstone L-8 Control Surface

USD $13,210

Control Surface with WheatNet-IP Intelligence.

These control surfaces are designed for use with the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network. An IP88CBL Console Audio BLADE provides the audio mix functionality as well as power to the L-8 (the L-12 and L-16 have dedicated power supplies); additional BLADEs can be added for inputs and outputs in a variety of digital and analog formats. The L-Series IP consoles are sleek, versatile, and low profile (no tabletop cutout needed). Just plug the L-8, L-12, or L-16 into your WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, and quickly assign any source of any type from anywhere in your network to any channel fader.


  • 8 Fader L-8 frame with;8 IN-L8 Input Module
  • CR-L8 Control Room Monitor Module
  • 1 SC-L8 Studio Monitor Module
  • 1 L-8 User Manual
  • 1 ip88cbl Console Blade Mix Engine with 8 mono (4 stereo) analog line inputs, 2 Mic preamps (patchable to 2 analog line inputs),4 AES inputs, 4 AES outputs, 4 analog outputs, Cue and headphone outputs on RJ45 and 1/4” jack,Control room and studio monitor outputs on XLRs, 12 programmable logic ports.

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