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Wheatstone LXE 1712T Console Surface with Mix Engine

USD $32,043

Console Surface with Mix Engine

The Wheatstone LXE is designed to be your console. Every knob, every button, every display can be programmed to accommodate virtually any application you come up with. No need to compromise anymore.

LXE is Wheatstone’s most modular console ever. Simply group the modules into bays and connect them to your network with a single CAT6 cable. This allows you to use them in tabletop frames, with or without a meterbridge, with no need to cut furniture. Or, you can flush mount them right into your table, easily splitting them as you need.

Full color OLEDs reflect your programming, and the touchscreen GUIs let you interact with your audio in fresh new ways to do everything from pinching and dragging EQ to setting up router crosspoints in your network. ScreenBuilder™ LXE is included so you can create your own touchscreens. And ConsoleBuilder™ is a GUI-based app that allows you to program and configure your hardware surface.

Simply put, there’s never been a more customizable way to work.

The LXE 1712T Includes:

  • 17 Position LXE frame with:2 Pairs of LED Program Meters, Aux Send LevelDisplays, Cue Speaker, Headphone Amp
  • 12 IP-LXE Input Modules
  • 1 MON-LXE-1 Monitor Module
  • 1 MON-LXE-2 Monitor Module
  • 1 ST-LXE-1 Studio Monitor Module
  • 2 BK-LXE Blank Modules
  • 1 LX-HPJA External Headphone Jack
  • 1 PS-1600 Power Supply
  • 1 Power Supply Cable
  • 1 LXE User Manual
  • 1 LXE Mix Engine Blade
  • EQ & Dynamics Processing on every fader

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