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Wheatstone MP-532

USD $4,529

Audio Processor

Wheatstone’s new MP-532 audio processor is an affordable single-space rack unit that can handle any and all your broadcast processing applications – FM, AM, FM HD, AM HD, HD-only, or Streaming. It’s priced so you can use multiple boxes where and how you need them without having to commit to a large expensive box with bells and whistles you may not need. It’s the best way to install exactly what you need without spending a penny more than your budget.

The MP-532 offers tools that can provide the most clarity and articulation of any processor on the market. Breathtakingly airy and silky highs with detail that you get from the finest hifi audio gear, mids that never overstep their thresholds insuring mud-free warmth and presence, and deep powerful lows that are sculpted to be richly detailed and free from the muck that bogs them down in nearly every other processor.
All that comes without having to give up volume – indeed, just the opposite. MP-532 gives you “loudness-ability” courtesy new distortion canceling algorithms and precision look-ahead limiters to provide pristinely clean audio AND dial-dominating loudness.
There’s full FM RDS capability so that $500 RBDS/RDS encoder you were going to have to buy to generate song, title and album data won’t be needed. MP-532 has a built-in RBDS/RDS encoder.

A multiplex power controller is included, saving yet another costly unit to meet the ITU-R BS.412-7 modulation requirements for reducing adjacent channel interference.
-Stunning audio with little or no distortion
-Fits perfectly into any/every broadcast workflow
-Can do double redundant duty easily replacing a processor on another feed
-Multipath mitigation that can increase your listening area
-Is a part of the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network
-Intelligent iAGC
-Smart Stereo Enhancement

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