Wheatstone PC-XY-IP X Y Controller For PC

CAD $1,492


This XY controller is installed on standard PCs connected to the WheatNet-IP network. Provides source/destination control and can also access and take system salvos. Can be installed on multiple PCs with a site license.

PC-XY is an easy-to-use PC application that facilitates audio and logic cross-point control of a WheatNet-IP audio network. The software connects to any host BLADE in the system via the PC’s Ethernet connection and provides customizable routing of audio or logic. Source and Destination windows display user-defined signal lists that give the broadcast engineer tight control over access to system resources.


  • Software XY controller that is installed on standard PC’s connected to the Evolution Ethernet subnet
  • Provides source/destination control
  • It can also access and take system Salvos
  • Site license price, can be installed on multiple PCs.

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