Wheatstone ReMIX

CAD $459

Virtual Mixer

To enable quick and easy remotes, Wheatstone has the new ReMIX. It’s a standalone WheatNet-IP Windows™ application that works with any Wheatstone BLADE to provide access to a utility mixer and SLIO logic in the BLADE. You can use it locally at a remote location and connect to a WheatNet-IP network anywhere via a VPN. Or, you can use your favorite remote-access software to run it at the studio from your remote location.

Setting up ReMIX is fast and easy. Using the BLADE setup in Navigator, simply assign the sources you want to the BLADE’s utility mixer. Point ReMIX at the BLADE and you are done. All the sources pop up where they are supposed to be. SLIO buttons are equally easy to set up.


• 8 Channel Virtual Mixer + PGM Out Master
• 4 User-Defined SLIO Buttons
• Attaches to ANY Blade U-Mixer in Seconds
• Instant Remote Control Solution for Analog or IP12 Sites