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Wheatstone VMI-P-IP Bundle

USD $10,835

Virtual Mixer Glass Surface Bundle


  • Ultimate remote access of control surfaces
  • Virtually emulates E-series control surfaces
  • Interfaces to WheatNet-IP network

More Features

  • 1RU rack mountable VMI unit replaces physical control surface
  • Connectivity to mouse and VGA monitor

A VMI Virtual Mixer Bundle Includes:

  • VMI – Virtual Mixer Interface
  • ip88e Mix Engine Blade
  • Glass E Remote Console Software

With the Wheatstone E-Series Virtual Mixer Bundle (VMI-B), you can place mixing consoles in places they’d
normally never fit. Two rack spaces and a PC notebook or desktop/LCD running Wheatnet Glass-E
software is all it takes. The VMI package can replicate up to 24 input channels.

You simply add a Notebook or the PROracks ipAIR or Short Stop (15″ Deep) rackmount computer¬†with a 1GB Managed Network Switch

Check our Ron Paley Broadcast webstore for pricing on the PROrack computers and accessories to complete your VMI Bundle.

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