Wheatstone – Vorsis AirAura X1

CAD $7,362

Digital Spectral Processor

Includes: Technical Manual, Vorsis GUI CD & AC Power Cable.

• High-resolution front panel touch-screen interface with jogwheel and navigation buttons
• Five-band AGC with Intelligent AGC (iAGC)multibandmanagement technology.
• Improved final clipping technology – very clean and very loud– simultaneously.
• Advanced front panel processing tuning simplifies setup.
• New left/right analog output routing for FM and HD processing
• Four band equalizer offers both parametric and Baxandall-style shelving EQ.
• Improved bass management algorithms
• New high performance stereo generator.
• Dual path processing for FM and HD
• Built-in support for automatic HD time alignment
• Remote control via 100BaseT network interfaceò Digital MPX support via Wheatstone’s Baseband192 technology
• Full-function Windows software GUI permits deepprocessing customization
• New comprehensive security features designed formixed-use sites
• New post-processed loudness analysis conforms to BS-1770-S standards
• Storage for up to 160 processing presets
• Exclusive Stereo Multipath Limiter mitigates multipathand weak signal-induced receiver blendingò Analog, digital and WheatNet-IP audio I/O with automatic’failback to primary
• Dedicated digital I/O with automatic fail over for ratings encoders

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